“FulvicForce fulvic acid works extremely well for me. I feel like all the right nutrients are pulled from my food and delivered to my body cells all at once. I don’t have cravings but feel nourished all the time, it helped me to lower my weight and keep it where I need it to be. I felt great throughout the entire fight, full of energy and stamina, focused, alert, no tiredness. Felt the strength of my connective tissue and the flex of my muscles. My recovery time after the fight was amazingly quick and powerful. FulvicForce fulvic acid is a really great performance product and I recommend it to all serious sports women and men!”

Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels

Light-heavyweight EFC Champion

“Hi Jola, just wanted to let you know that my blood count has returned to normal and I was able to have chemo. What was interesting was that the chemo caused blurred vision, but when I came home and drank the fulvic acid it disappeared! I thank God everyday for you. Hope you have a blessed day. Regards. Mariki”


Artist, 56, Pretoria

“I must say, I have noticed that the product does give me more alertness – especially when playing soccer – so I am enjoying it at the moment! I have just finished the first bottle which I had recently, so what I will do is contact you a little later in the month if that is ok with you? P.S. is the website up and running now with online purchasing?”


Management Consultant, 32, Johannesburg

Just when they found tumours in my liver my doctors decided on a very aggressive and invasive type of chemotherapy. My doctors warned me that with this new chemotherapy I will develop sores in my mouth and my hair will all disappear in one day. It is a very strong and aggressive medicine called “red bag” and I take it every 3 weeks. One evening towards the end of the first week, after the initial dose of the “red bag”, I felt that a number of very sensitive sores were actually developing in my mouth and I thought: “here it is, it is starting”. I have taken my customary 7 pm dose of fulvic acid and to my amazement the sores started disappearing just an hour later. Disappearing! Disappearing completely! I could immediately see the change. Oh, and I did not lose my hair at all, even as I am through with the third round of “red bag “now. In fact my hair seems to be stronger and there’s very few grey hairs on my head! My doctor keeps asking me, a little annoyed, why did I not lose my hair like I should have – she does not know that I am drinking fulvic acid

My skin has not only improved, it is a completely different skin. I used to buy all the skin treatment product I could afford and nothing was helping. Now, since I am drinking fulvic acid my skin is clear, softer, more elastic and all together younger. Different skin indeed!

Last Friday I came back home with my daughter at 1 pm. I was expecting my mother for dinner later, so I put on my oxygen supply, switched on the pump and went around the house doing cleaning and cooking chores – such things take up more of my time now. My mother arrived at 6 pm, and we had a slow and enjoyable supper together. I sent her home at 8 pm and went to bed half an hour later. While I was reading, I have realised that I can’t hear the normal noise my oxygen pump is making while working. I have checked the machine, and, to my astonishment, I realised that I have not switched it on at all. I was breathing unassisted for more than 8 hours! Something unthinkable only a few weeks ago! I have since tried many times to breathe without my oxygen pump for extended periods of time and every time all is absolutely fine. In fact, I think that I do not need the oxygen pump anymore but I am so used to it by now that it is just my psyche, which after sometime sends me into a state of near-panic that makes me to keep using the machine. But I have reduced the flow of oxygen from 4 litres per minute to 2 and often keep trying to breathe freely until my panic takes the better of me

I take sleeping pills, because I have difficulty to fall asleep at night. They used to make me drowsy the next morning, unable to just get up and go. But now, since I take a shot of my fulvic acid every morning it’s like I am again able to see clearly from that moment. For me fulvic acid is not a stimulant but it rather focuses me, gives me alertness and sharpness in both body and mind. I can tell anybody – fulvic acid works wonders for me. I feel that fulvic acid re-establishes things that have gone missing from my body

The benefits of using fulvic acid became very obvious to me once, when I had to get out with my daughter and came back home too late for my afternoon dose – I try not to drink fulvic acid after 7 pm as I have trouble sleeping and it increases my alertness. So I did not drink it that night and woke up in the morning feeling terrible: being nauseous, having headache and all together lacking the energy for the day. My morning dose has helped me to get better over quite a short time but I have then realised that I was already taking the benefits of fulvic acid for granted! I have a few good friends who see me almost every day and accompanying me on this journey – they notice good changes in me first. Many of them are asking for fulvic acid for themselves now, witnessing how it keeps helping me.


Artist, 56, Pretoria

“Hi Yola, I trust you and your family are well. I just want to let you know how amazing the Fulvic acid is. The new chemo that they are giving me is rough, but I did not realize how bad it was until I decided to do a test. Yesterday, for the first time, I did not drink the potion and had the most terrible day. I was literally soo tired and nauseous. Today, I used it again and I feel like a different person! I would please like to buy some more as this is clearly amazing stuff. Thank you Yola – this is Godsend product and I don’t think that I would have been able to handle the chemo without it. My friend, who heard about the Fulvic Acid would also like to buy a bottle for her daughter who is constantly tired. Thank you again, love. Mariki”


Artist, 56, Pretoria

M-L was always tired in the afternoon, from about 3 pm. She could not carry on throughout the full working day, she felt exhausted and sleepy, and she could not finish her school work after coming back home. At the end of the school year she was totally burnt out. Three weeks into drinking fulvic acid regularly she suddenly realised that that she could carry on after 3 pm again without much of the problem and that her physical and mental alertness was up. When she could not get her next bottle of fulvic acid in time and was forced to stop taking the product for a few days she felt a big negative reaction and regress to her exhausted self from before. She realised that it is easy to get used to the good change in her body and mind and one feels how much it matters when it’s gone


Teacher, 54, Johannesburg