A 500 ml bottle of FulvicForce product provides more than one-month worth of personal needs for fulvic acid at the recommended dosage. 250 ml bottles of FulvicForce product are also available.
Use twice daily. Fulvic acid metabolises alongside other nutrients and is fully utilised within a single metabolic cycle, thus, one cannot build up elevated levels of fulvic acid in one’s body without daily replenishment.

Take 8 ml in the morning (best on empty stomach) and 8 ml in the evening (not too late). Shake well before use.

8 ml is a little less than one-third [1/3] of the measuring cup included with every bottle of the product – you may want to top it up with mineral water, or one and a half [1 + ½] of a teaspoon.

The dosage can be doubled during times of stress and/or low energy.

Fulvic acid has a natural strong sour and bitter taste, as it is a pure unadulterated organic product, not altered in any artificial way. It can be diluted in a glass of mineral (not tap) water or mixed with natural honey or pure fresh fruit juice to ease the natural taste, if required. When consumed undiluted, drink a glass of mineral (not tap) water or pure fruit juice immediately after ingesting FulvicForce product.

When beginning to use fulvic acid for the first time some people (one in five in our experience) may experience mild effects of cleansing and detoxification. Signs of detoxification may include flu-like symptoms: mild headache, mild running tummy (or constipation), mild joint aches, tiredness, skin outbreaks, etc. Such a detox reaction is typically only short-term, usually a few days to a week.  It is a normal and even healthy reaction that may indicate healing. Do not discontinue using the product, you may reduce the dose until symptoms of detoxification disappear, and then build up the dose to the regular recommended level.
Our experience with fulvic acid has not produced any evidence of contra-indications. However, if you are on chronic medication we advise that you refer your physician to our website to confirm that fulvic acid products are indeed safe, effective, rejuvenating and remedial. Always follow the instructions of your physician.

As a precautionary measure, children and pregnant or lactating women are not advised to use fulvic acid.

Store in a cool dry place, at a temperature below 25oC, avoid direct sunlight. Fulvic acid is stable at lower and higher temperatures but, as a precaution, once the seal on the FulvicForce bottle is removed, the product should be refrigerated. Keep out of reach of children.

Why do we desperately need fulvic acid today?

Doctors and scientists have identified at least 90 different nutrients in our diet, which must be continuously supplied to the body to sustain a healthy life. These include: more than 50 different minerals and trace elements, 12 amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids and 17 vitamins. And no matter how conscientious you are in planning of and sticking to your healthy diet, you are not getting nearly enough of the very nutrients, which are essential to keeping you healthy! Nowadays, commercial farming continues to strip our soils of their original nourishing content and, as a result, growing fresh produce with increasingly diminishing mineral, nutritional and remedial value. Depleted soils lead to sick plants, and sick plants lead to un-healthy people. These people are forever desperately looking for a perfect nutritional, mineral and vitamin concoction, which will supplement what they should get but are not getting from fresh produce. But a sad fact is that most of the pharmacologically formulated supplements are very ineffectual as we critically lack the mechanism for making their mineral and nutritional content bioavailable and bioactive. Fulvic acid is not only an exceptional natural nutritional, mineral and remedial supplement but also provides us with a Nature-invented mechanism to make other valuable nutrients easily absorbed.

What can you expect from regular supplementation with fulvic acid?

  • Your body cleansed, purged of toxins, viruses, parasites and pathogens.
  • A lasting boost to your immune system, better resistance to infections and diseases.
  • Better oxygenation and increased circulation.
  • More balanced blood sugar.
  • Renewed energy resulting in stronger motivation and improved endurance during sports activities and exercise.
  • Shorter recovery time between strenuous exercises, less frequent injuries.
  • Reduced cravings, comfortable control over unhealthy eating habits.
  • Increased resistance to cold and flu, falling sick less often.
  • Less inflammation and free radical damage.
  • Quicker recovery from aches and pains.
  • Rejuvenated skin, hair and nails, more youthful complexion and appearance, slowing down ageing factors.
  • Improved digestion and bowel function.
  • Improved concentration, better brain and memory functions.
  • Revitalised libido, better sexual functions and an increase in sexual desire.

Where can fulvic acid assist?

Fulvic acid is foundational to the wellbeing of living cells in our bodies and, as such, helps coping with the effects of “big” and chronic diseases – when patients are not only battling the effects of the disease itself but also massive side effects of very invasive medication used to contain the disease.

Although FulvicForce makes no medicinal claims, there is a large body of research, which indicates that fulvic acid can assist in, amongst other:


  • Viral infections.
  • Diabetes.
  • High cholesterol level.
  • Various cancers.
  • Eye diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi.
  • Ulcerous wounds, inflammation and haemorrhaging.
  • Skin ulcers.
  • Acne, eczema, psoriasis.
  • Asthma and lung infections.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Chronic bronchitis.
  • HIV / AIDS.
  • Arthritis related autoimmune diseases, including: lupus, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.