How is FulvicForce fulvic acid manufactured?

FulvicForce fulvic acid is manufactured from a particular, fulvic-acid-rich, type of a South African brown coal. The manufacturing process is purpose-designed, patented and in accordance with the good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines.

It results in a pure natural product with the highest fulvic acid concentration per volume of product.

Is FulvicForce fulvic acid safe to consume?

FulvicForce fulvic acid is a safe natural product. It is manufactured in accordance with the good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines, we use stainless steel reactor, we test every new batch of our product in an accredited analytical laboratory, and we package the freshly produced fulvic acid in glass bottles, to make sure the goodness is best preserved and always available.

Why is FulvicForce fulvic acid brown in colour?

Fulvic acid’s name derives from Latin fulvus, indicating its deep yellow, reddish yellow, golden or tawny colour.

FulvicForce fulvic acid product is derived directly from brown coal, which is an ancient source of fulvic acid, using a patented process – hence its deep brown colour.

Why is the taste of FulvicForce fulvic acid so strong and sour?

FulvicForce fulvic acid is a natural product and its taste is not improved in any way in order to preserve the natural purity.

It can however be mixed with pure mineral water, natural honey or pure fresh fruit juice to improve the taste.

What is the suggested dosage for FulvicForce fulvic acid?

Take 8 ml in the morning and 8 ml in the afternoon.

A 1 litre bottle of FulvicForce fulvic acid product supplies one month personal needs for fulvic acid.

The dosage can be doubled during times of stress or low energy.

It is best to use FulvicForce fulvic acid on an empty stomach.

Can an increased level of FulvicForce fulvic acid be built-up in a human body overtime?

Fulvic acid should be added to an individual’s diet on a daily basis as it metabolises alongside all other foods we consume and it is not retained by the body beyond a single metabolic cycle.

How should FulvicForce fulvic acid product be stored?

Store in a cool dry place, at temperature below 25C, avoid direct sunlight.

Fulvic acid is stable at lower and higher temperatures but, as a precaution, once the seal on the bottle of FulvicForce fulvic acid is removed, the product should be refrigerated.

Keep out of reach of children.

Are there any contra-indications while using FulvicForce fulvic acid products?

Our experience with fulvic acid has not produced any evidence of contra-indications. However, if you are on chronic medication we advise that you refer your physician to our website to confirm that fulvic acid products are indeed safe, effective, rejuvenating and healing. Always follow the instructions of your physician.

As a precautionary measure, pregnant or lactating women are not advised to take fulvic acid.

Are there any detoxification effects while using FulvicForce fulvicacid?

Remember that the goal of regular treatment with fulvic acid is to achieve and maintain a healthy state of your body over time. This process starts with the detoxification, when you begin to take fulvic acid for the first time, and some people (one in five in our experience) may experience mild effects of cleansing then. Signs of detoxification may include flu-like symptoms: mild headache, mild diarrhoea, mild joint aches, etc. Such detox reaction is typically only short-term, usually a few days to a week.  It is a normal and even healthy reaction that may indicate healing.

Quite common, but not the most desirable and beneficial reaction to unpleasant detox effects is that people sometimes stop taking the supplement and thus deprive themselves of the very substance that is most likely helping their body to recover. Although the detox experience may not be entirely pleasant, these initial cleansing symptoms are generally short-lived and an indication that healing is taking place.

When experiencing the light effects of detoxification process we recommend that you do not discontinue using the product but rather lower the intake until symptoms of detoxification disappear and then build up a daily dose to the normal recommended levels.

Can everyone take FulvicForce fulvic acid?

As a precautionary measure, pregnant or lactating women are not advised to take fulvic acid.

Can FulvicForce fulvic acid be consumed together with other mineral, vitamin or nutritional supplements?

Re-mineralisation of our bodies without fulvic acid has little benefit because colloidal mineral by themselves are not readily useable by living cells. It is the fulvic acid in conjunction with other minerals that makes them effective. Fulvic acid makes elemental minerals, vitamins and nutrients more absorbable be complexing them into organic, ionic forms that are easily transported through the membranes of cells’ walls – once the nutrients are bound into the fulvic acid complex, they become bioactive and bioavailable.